Welcome to the LookUp Challenge Pilot

Pilot 1: July 15-22  |  Pilot 2: July 29 – Aug 5

The idea we’re researching is pretty simple:

What happens when young adults gather a few friends and unplug* from social media TOGETHER for a week.

*We get that completely “unplugging” might be impossible for you  (Snapchat streaks! or work/personal obligations) The value of significant reduction in social media time even if it isn’t 100% is huge. (Texts and calls aren’t considered social media either)

Why we’re running this pilot study

LookUp.live is a non-profit startup to inspire young adults to find balance between their screen and non-screen lives and engage others in the process. While some find it easy to balance, others find that balance is harder to achieve, which is why many of us can’t do it alone. We need our friends.

After many conversations with teens, college students and recent grads, one of the biggest barriers to taking a break from social media is “fear of missing out” on stuff. FOMO is HUGE! We get it.

So, we’re wondering if you take a break with friends–does that make it easier?

By participating in this pilot study you’ll help us find out if “finding balance” is helped when a group of friends take that challenge together.

We can’t do this without you!

Your participation in this small pilot study (around 100 young adults or so in July) is a HUGE help! If you and your friends’ collective experiences are positive, we’ll roll the LookUp Challenge program out nationally in the Fall.

You are a HUGE part of the startup team of the LookUp Challenge!

Thanks for being part of the LookUp StartUp Founders Team. No startup is complete without a little merch—When the pilot week is complete, we’ll send a t shirt and a swag bag your way to say thank you for participating!

So here’s what we’d love for you to do:

  1. Register via the link below
  2. Invite your friends by sending them the link below:


LookUp Challenge Pilot Research Study FAQ

Who is behind this effort?

LookUp.live is a non-profit startup in the Boston area co-founded by Susan Reynolds, M.Ed and digital wellness expert, and Kevin Wells, a mobile technology entrepreneur. Collectively they have decades of experience studying how young adults and technology can coexist in positive ways. Read more about them here:

Is this “real” research?

Yes. This isn’t a fake Facebook clickbait survey. The study is statistically valid and designed by digital wellness experts to explore how to encourage healthy “screen vs non-screen” balance.

What happens next?

Once you join the study with a few of your friends, we’ll be in touch via email. The study is focused on one thing– how a week without social media—but WITH your friends works for you. We’ll ask you a few survey questions before the challenge begins, and when it’s over, we’ll ask about how it went and what your experience was like. That’s it.

Will it take lots of my time?

No. You’ll easily complete a survey (via email) in a couple of minutes.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Completely. Your personal information is encrypted on secure servers and we won’t share that information–ever.

How is the study data analyzed?

The research study compiles data about your collective experiences across several age ranges–here is how we analyze it:

  • All data from everyone who participates is blended together—we NEVER identify any participant individually.
  • We present only averaged results that reflect the group as a whole.
What will you do with the results of the study?

LookUp.live will evaluate the results to understand if this is an effective solution to achieving tech/life balance for young adults. If the results show this is a good way forward, we’ll launch this program nationally as a successful model that could be helpful for millions of young adults.

Why is this study important?

Unfortunately, social media addiction has become a silent epidemic and young people are far more likely to be harmed by its effects. LookUp.live believes that the best solutions to tech/real life being out of balance will come from you. We believe your insights about how to find balance are critical.

Who came up with the idea for “taking a break from social media for a week” challenge?

The idea for the challenge didn’t come from usit came from one of our interns–an 18 year old student and her real life experience with her friends.

Thank you!

Your insights are incredibly valued—thank you for daring to lead!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon. 


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