Presents the LookUp Challenge 

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Next Challenge February 7 – 14

The Idea is pretty simple:

What happens when students invite their friends, family and community to take a break from social media and digital distraction TOGETHER for a week? We invite you to join the LookUp Challenge and find out.

After many conversations, we’ve learned that one of the biggest barriers to taking a break from your phone and social media is giving it up “cold turkey” and “fear of missing out.” While some find it easy to balance, others find that balance is harder to achieve, which is why we think having flexibility in how and when you “unplug” makes sense. You can choose one or more of the categories below:

Juliet Gildehaus shares ‘The Why’ of the Lookup Challenge. 

Social Butterfly

I’m going to put my phone down when talking with my family and friends. 

Busy Bee

I’m taking a break from my phone when I’m studying or working remotely.


When I wake up, I’ll write down what brings me joy and gratitude before looking at your phone.

Sleeping Dog

I’ll sleep with  my phone in  the other room to get a good night’s sleep.

Positive Engagement

When I go on social media, I’ll commit to posting and commenting with positive and optimistic messages.

LOOKUP.LIVE’S MISSION is a non-profit startup whose mission is to support youth designed solutions for tech/life balance. Through our startup incubator, innovators and change agents are supported to activate their own solutions and initiatives as well as engage their peers and communities in the process.

The LookUp Challenge is a student generated solution built out in the Incubator.

We have the LookUp Challenge Toolkit for you to bring to your school, club, team, fraternity, sorority and friends on campus. We want you to spread the word. 

Thank you for being part of the LookUp Challenge!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.