Presents the LookUp Challenge

November 18 – 25, 2019

The Idea is pretty simple:

What happens when students invite their friends, family and community to unplug* from social media TOGETHER for a week? We invite you to join the LookUp Challenge and find out.

After many conversations, we’ve learned that one of the biggest barriers to taking a break from social media is giving it up “cold turkey” and “fear of missing out.” While some find it easy to balance, others find that balance is harder to achieve, which is why we think having flexibility in how and when you “unplug” makes sense. You can choose one or more of the categories below:

Juliet Gildehaus shares ‘The Why’ of the Lookup Challenge. 

Cold Turkey

Give up all personal social media accounts. 

Busy Bee

Take a break from social media accounts when studying, at school or work.

Social Butterfly

Take a break from social media at all social events.

Night Owl

Take a break from social media every evening, after 6pm.

Sleeping Dog

Give up social media in the bedroom and improve your sleep.

LOOKUP.LIVE’S MISSION is a non-profit startup whose mission is to support youth designed solutions for tech/life balance. Through our startup incubator, innovators and change agents are supported to activate their own solutions and initiatives as well as engage their peers and communities in the process.

The LookUp Challenge is a student generated solution built out in the Incubator.

Bring the Challenge to your School!

We have the LookUp Challenge Toolkit for you to bring to your school, club, team, fraternity, sorority and friends on campus. We want you to spread the word. Let us know if you want the LookUp Challenge Toolkit at

Thank you for being part of the LookUp Challenge!

LookUp Challenge FAQ

Who is behind this effort? is a non-profit startup in the Boston area co-founded by Susan Reynolds, M.Ed and digital wellness expert, and Kevin Wells, a mobile technology entrepreneur. Collectively they have decades of experience studying how young adults and technology can coexist in positive ways. Read more about them here:

Is this “real” research?

Yes. This isn’t a fake Facebook clickbait survey. The study is statistically valid and designed by digital wellness experts to explore how to encourage healthy “screen vs non-screen” balance.

What happens next?

The Lookup Challenge is focused on one thing– how taking a break from social media—but WITH your friends  and community—works for you. We’ll ask you a few survey questions before the challenge begins, and when it’s over, we’ll ask about how it went and what your experience was like. That’s it.

Will it take lots of my time?

No. You’ll easily complete a survey (via email) in a couple of minutes.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Completely. Your personal information is encrypted on secure servers and we won’t share that information–ever.

How is the study data analyzed?

The research study compiles data about your collective experiences across several age ranges–here is how we analyze it:

  • All data from everyone who participates is blended together—we NEVER identify any participant individually.
  • We present only averaged results that reflect the group as a whole.
What will you do with the results of the study? will evaluate the results to understand if this is an effective solution to achieving tech/life balance for young adults. If the results show this is a good way forward, we’ll launch this program nationally as a successful model that could be helpful for millions of young adults.

Why is this study important?

Unfortunately, social media addiction has become a silent epidemic and young people are far more likely to be harmed by its effects. believes that the best solutions to tech/real life being out of balance will come from you. We believe your insights about how to find balance are critical.

Who came up with the idea for “taking a break from social media for a week” challenge?

The idea for the challenge didn’t come from usit came from one of our interns–an 18 year old student and her real life experience with her friends.

Thank you!

Your insights are incredibly valued—thank you for daring to lead!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.